Peter Neptune Passamaquoddy Basket Maker

One of the renowned Neptune family of basket-makers, Peter is known for his skillfully crafted work baskets, including hampers, pack baskets and fish scale baskets. He also makes drums and sweetgrass braids.

At the age of eight, Peter learned basket-making from his father. For the past twenty years, he has specialized in rugged, functional work baskets. Peter Neptune’s work often combines the classic work basket style with unique, artistic fancy weaves, unseen in other contemporary work.

As a Master Basket-maker in the Maine Arts commissions Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program, Peter Neptune has taught basketry and drum making to a number of interested students.

Peter Neptune
PO Box 326
Perry, Maine 04667

(207) 853-9403

Retail only price range: available upon request

Fancy Planter Basket

20″ Pack Basket with Harness

30″ High Fancy Hamper