Social Services

Manager: Diane Libby
Social Service Director
Phone: (207)853-5111
Fax: 207-853-9618 

General Assistance: This is designed to provide financial assistance to all eligible community members residing on the Pleasant Point Reservation. This program is designed to promote/foster personal growth, enhance family unity, economic, as well as, social stability, with a long range goal of self-sufficient and economic independence.

Sherie Mitchell, Intake Worker
Phone:207-853-2600 EXT 264
Email Sherie Mitchell

Child Welfare Assistance: This component consists of financial assistance for foster children who have been removed from families due to abuse and neglect. Social Services places foster children as well as monitoring the placements. The Social Services Department as well as other related departments provide like services to the community and continue to provide the best services available to combat these problems.

Family and Community Services: The purpose of this program component is to effectively intervene in dysfunctional individual and family settings, in an attempt to establish effective and adequate coping mechanisms necessary, in order to begin to reduce and ultimately eliminate those behaviors that often times perpetuate generational dysfunctional behavior. The goal of the Social Services Department is to continue to combat this dysfunction, while working toward establishment of preventative activities that will impact future generations. All clients requiring additional services in regard to Mental Health issues, Alcohol and Substance Abuse issues are routinely referred to IHS services at the Pleasant Point Health Center. The department staff routinely refers all clients to any needed services regardless of the location of those services; to ensure that each client receives any and all services that may possibly be beneficial either for the individual or the family as a whole.

Miscellaneous Assistance: This component of the program is designed to address such needs as funeral, disaster, and emergency assistance to qualified Tribal members and their families who are not otherwise eligible for assistance from other agencies.


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