Tribal Water Quality and Resources Program:
Water Quality Manager/Technician:

William Longfellow
Phone: 207-853-2600 Ext 237
Fax: 207-853-2481

William manages and implements CWA 319, CWA 106 and BIA Water Resources grants for the Sipayik Environmental Department. These grants cover a broad range of water body types, which include wetlands, groundwater, lakes, ponds, streams and rivers. William actively monitors and reports to EPA and BIA on reservation wetlands, TWP 19 Ponds, Brooks and Wetlands, Boyden’s Lake, Little River and Penknife Lakes. The bodies of water monitored are of significant cultural, recreational, and economic purposes to the Passamaquoddy Tribe of Pleasant point. In the required reports to the EPA and BIA, William reports on the water quality criteria, Temperature, PH, DO, Conductivity, Turbidity, Total Phosphate, Nitrates, Coliform counts, and Total suspended Solids. More stringent Macro-Invertebrate sampling of some water bodies will be implemented in data gathering starting in the 2016 Field monitoring season.

William is actively working towards the future of the program and setting goals. One goal of the department is to use more remote monitoring technology so that the Water Resource program can continuously monitor sites and collect data more efficiently. Also remote monitoring gives the opportunity to do more depth data analysis of sites. Remote monitoring would also open up more staff time to spend studying other sites of interest to the Sipayik Environmental Department.

The Water Quality Program is involved with the tribal community. The Department hires a tribal college student every field season to assist as a field and lab technician. This helps do community outreach and give tribal college students first hand work experience in the natural sciences. The department also takes on a summer youth worker in the summer months. The tribal college student and summer youth worker is trained and supervised by the Water Quality Manager William Longfellow. More community outreach is also done in giving presentations at Tribal Career fairs and presentations gave to various youth camps