The following passage was in the book titled “Revolution Downeast” by James S. Leamon:
(not word for word)
1778 at Fort Howe – Indians (Passamaquoddies, Maliseets, Micmacs and maybe Penobscots?) recognized the British Crowns suzerainty and took an oath never to harm the King. They also swore to reveal any schemes or plottings against the King or any planned action against the King.  As a symbolic gesture to the British Crown the Passamaquoddies surrendered their American gifts to the British.  Included in these surrendered gifts were treasured letters and medals from George Washington.

“Indian Oath” – September 14, 1778 – Military Correspondence, Dorchester Papers, Volume 1 from the Public Archives of Nova Scotia; Richard Hughes to Lord George Germain, Halifax, October 12, 1778, Report on the Canadian Archives 1894, page 380.i>