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Passamaquoddy Wastewater Treatment Facility Receives Goodenow & Outstanding Facility Awards

 In Eastern Maine, MWWCA is proud to recognize an outstanding treatment facility with both a Regional Outstanding Facility Award and also the 1998 Richard B. Goodenow Award which signifies that this plant represents the “Best of the Best”. Working with a small staff and limited budget, this facility has consistently demonstrated the innovative, creativity, and commitment to our profession that has resulted in excellent operations, management skills and effluent quality. The plant staff of two people operates an extended aeration oxidation ditch facility, a sewer collection system, and thirteen pump stations. They also maintain and operate the water distribution system . This facility has conducted numerous creative programs including:

-Conducted a public education program to promote the conservation of water to reduce influent flows to the treatment plant and also cutting water savings.

-Conducted a public education program to educate sewer users on grease problems at the plant which resulted in the sharp reduction of sewer grease.

-Offered an outreach program for his employer assisting them in ways in order for them to lower their water and sewer usage rates.

-Has implemented a rigid safety program that has resulted in no lost time injuries for almost four years.

-Has conducted numerous upgrade projects in-house with existing plant staff including the installation of a head-works grinder, new return sludge pump drives and upgraded the chlorination equipment, also installing scales for better control.

-Implemented a laboratory program that goes way beyond the basic testing needed to ensure license compliance at the plant including routine nutrient testing, alkalinity testing, ammonia, and oxygen profiles of the oxidation ditch, additional BOD/5 and other composite testing. The superintendent has also a good practice of Quality Control checks along with Quality Assurance for his back up.

-The plant has developed a strong community outreach program that included the production of a video that showcases their facility and has conducted frequent tours for the community. Note: The superintendent’s motto goes; everybody is welcome and if he knows someone who is truly interested in the profession he does not hesitate to assist anybody.

-Implemented a rigid O-M program.

-Implemented a solids handling program that goes way beyond.

The MWWCA Awards Committee has an excellent field of nominations this year. At the top of the list, this facility (Pleasant Point Waste Water Treatment Plant) was felt to best represent all of the qualifications and attributes that bring pride and recognition to our profession. MWWCA is pleased to award the Regional Outstanding Facility Award as well as the 1998 Richard B. Goodenow Award to the Passamaquoddy Wastewater Treatment Facility at Pleasant Point Perry, Maine.

The Superintendent (Gene Wayne Francis) went on and was awarded the Eastern Area, Region I Operator and Manager of the year at the annual EPA Boston Conference.

Back in 1994 & 1995 and 1996 the Indian Health Services awarded the Passamaquoddy Wastewater Facility the Operational & Management Award from the National Office Nashville TN.

Back in 1991 the Passamaquoddy Wastewater Facility received EPA Region I Award for Management and Maintenance.

Back in 1984 Gene Wayne Francis receives a Maine DEP Certificate of Achievement. The certification is awarded to individuals for specific accomplishments.

Gene Wayne Francis, has been awarded many certificates for Business Management achievements.