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153 County Road (Rt 190) Perry, ME 04667

The well is located on Tribal Fee Land and is approved as a Public Water Source by the Maine Drinking Water Program:   

Designated Operators: Ed Basset, Technical Support and Billy Longfellow, Water Quality and Water Resources Program Manager    

Phone: (207) 853-5137
Cell: (207) 904-7883
Fax: (207) 853-2481
Business Hours: Daytime fillup only!

The well is open to the public and there are some rules posted at the well site. To learn more about the well, the following links should provide enough information to demonstrate that all necessary steps were taken to provide clean drinking water.

Samaqannihkuk Water Quality Report 11-17-22

The report above is the timeline that proceeded to get the well up and running for the public. The document below is the approval from the State of Maine after all tests and measures were taken to provide suitable drinking water.          

Final System Approval for Well HD 1 serving Samaqannihkuk; PWSID# ME0092758

 Other reports will be posted to keep interested clients informed. Feel free to contact Billy Longfellow about the status of the well. 

Thank You