Waste Water

Program Names: Passamaquoddy Waste Water Facility

Administrator/Manager: Gene Wayne Francis, Sr., Superintendent, PWWF

Phone: (207)853-4356

Fax: (207)853-0774

Email: genewfrancis@wabanaki.com/example

Purpose of Program:

One of the main objectives is controlling the treatment process by maintaining proper operating conditions so that the process meets effluent objectives in a cost-effective manner. The main purpose of a secondary treatment plant is to reduce the organic materials using a complex biological treatment system with the presence of oxygen and converting them to new cell mass, carbon dioxide and energy, and producing solids that flocculate and are separated and are capable of settling in the clarifiers and returning back to the settling tanks and not the receiving waters. We maintain and operate 13 pump stations and the purpose of the stations are to pump liquid from low level areas to the treatment facility for additional advance treatment. We also maintain 7 miles of sewer collection systems and water main distribution system with three booster pumps, and a 350,000 gallon aqua store tank. We purchase our water from a non-profit water district. Our mission and goal is to provide the Passamaquoddy people of Pleasant Point with safe, clean, and affordable drinking water.


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