Stolen Land: Quest for Qonasqamkuk

Above Map shows the Traditional Ancestral Homeland Territory of the Passamaquoddy Tribe. The Passamaquoddy People have lived in this region for at least the past 600+ generations (12,000+ years). In contrast, the European newcomer governments (USA and Canada) have only been in this region for a mere 20 generations. This new USA-Canada boundary line was imposed on the Passamaquoddy by the newcomer governments. Notice how the boundary line cuts right through the heart of our Ancestral Homeland. This new boundary was created about 200 years ago and has created serious problems for the Passamaquoddy people. The newcomers violate treaties with Passamaquoddy, they take our land, pollute the waters, deplete our food source, and make laws (in violation of treaties) that restrict our hunting, fishing, travel and trade within our homeland. Our way of life is endangered.

“The Protection and sanctity of our land is closely linked to the Preservation of our Aboriginal Existence”  Vera J. Francis

When Great Britain and the United States established a boundary between Maine and New Brunswick in 1842, the Passamaquoddy People were not consulted. The result, the separation of Passamaquoddy families and the seizure of traditional Passamaquoddy territory.

Our people more than a century later still carry on the fight for our ancestral Passamaquoddy homelands.

In order to restore and retain a physical and spiritual connection to our buried ancestors and sacred land, the commercial profiteering, the blatant degradation, and the exploitation of sacred land must cease. In recognizing that a spiritual equilibrium can only be attained with the help of others, the Passamaquoddy people earnestly request support. We stress that to do anything less perpetuates genocide.

We seek the immediate return of our land at Qonasqamkuk and the acknowledgment that our aboriginal right to this land has never been relinquished by treaty, lost by war, or sold in any transaction.

For additional information see the Passamaquoddy First Nation at Qonasqamkuk web site at: Passamaquoddy Nation Web Site

How Can You Assist

1. Learn the Facts – Contact Tribal officials to learn the truth. Do not rely on the lies of the Canadian Government (explore this web site for more facts)

2. Expose and Stop aboriginal Genocide

3. Stop the Unjust Profiting from Stolen Land

4. Join the Passamaquoddy Land Claim Efforts – in Person, Word and Deed

5. Express Your Outrage by calling and writing to Canadian and St Andrews Government Officials

6. Contribute to the Passamaquoddy Legal Fund

Contact Information If you have any questions, ideas, comments, or need further information or if you wish to contribute services, funds or something other please contact Chief Hugh Akagi.

Contact Info: Here

Other Infromation

Mary Caldbick’s Thesis:
“Locke’s Doctrine of Property and the Dispossession of the Passamaquoddy.” “The central purpose of this work is to demonstrate the way in which these elements of the European intellectual tradition have determined the course of colonization in North America. The history of the Passamaquoddy, of southwestern New Brunswick and Eastern Maine, provides a practical example of way in which dispossession of Aboriginal peoples has proceeded since the time of first contact”.

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