Executive Director: Janelle Sapiel.

Office Phone: 853-6021
Janelle Sapiel —- 853-5199
Holly Cleaves —- 853-5116
Lynn Neptune —- 853-5115
Marla Dana — 853-5118

Purpose of the Program

To manage and maintain HUD rentals, Tax Credit Rentals, 515 Rural Development Rentals and HUD Homeownership programs on the Reservation. To follow program rules so as to be in compliance with program guidelines. Pleasant Point Passamaquoddy Reservation Housing Authority through partnership with Four Directions provides training for those interested in Homeownership, Tax Credit project, financial security and personal development.

The Housing Authority no longer administers LIHEAP, HIP or Sanitation (scattered sites). Contact the tribal government for these programs.

Housing Authority Brochure (9-8-16)

Tax Credit and 515 Housing Advertisement

Housing Authority Board of Commissioners

Additional Info:
Tribal Designated Housing Authority

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