Fish and Game

Program Name:
Wildlife and Parks – Fish and Game Wardens
Administrator/Manager: Roger Newell
Phone: (207) 853-6100

Purpose of Program:
Under the newly consolidated Public Safety Department the Passamaquoddy Tribe at the Pleasant Point Reservation will administer the Fish and Game Warden program. The wardens specialize in Tribal, State and Federal inland fisheries and wildlife law enforcement, including: boating, snowmobile, dog and environmental laws as well as search and rescue, fire prevention and suppression work and assisting other governmental agencies. The Warden Service at Pleasant Point works in concert with the Passamaquoddy Warden Service at Indian Township and works cooperatively with all other State and Federal fish and wildlife agencies.

The tribal wardens are uniformed law enforcement officers. Their primary responsibility is fish and game conservation enforcement on the tribal trust and reservation lands. The game wardens work in conjunction with the tribal game wardens at Indian Township. They also work closely with the Tribal Clerk. The clerk issues tribal and state hunting, trapping, and fishing licenses and permits. The Tribal Wardens at Pleasant Point are under the administrative supervision of the Pleasant Point Public Safety Director.

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