Tribal Environmental Department. Marvin Cling, Sr.: Environmental Planner/Director

Oversees the budgetary, organizational and developmental activities of the Tribal Environmental Department and supervises specific program managers, specialists, and technicians who work in the department. Development of overall program goal, objectives and activities designed to build staff and department capacity.

Marvin work is primarily as a planner and program administrator for the Environmental Department. He assists staff with planning and identifying the enviornmental needs for the tribe and how to best fulfill those needs through grant writing, organizational skills, training and development of plans to realize program goals and objectives

Department staff does assist the Tribal Administration in the development and establishment of policies and plans relating to the mission of the environmental department.

Marvin manages the budgets for specific environmental projects. Marvin is fulfilling this role part-time (20%) and also serves as the Tribal Air Quality Program Manager the rest of the time.

Marvin is also fulfilling some the air grant objectives. He has been attending air quality trainings, workshops, and meetings. He also serves as the tribal air quality manager and is responsible for the technical management of the tribe’s Air and TSCA programs. Marvin assists with maintaining the department’s web pages.

As the program manager he is also responsible for some of the quality assurance project plans that are required for grant funding. He works with other tribal, federal and state environmental department personnel to help foster communication of environmental issues, programs, and regulations.

Marvin has successfully applied for grants that have built the department’s capacity and met the needs of the tribal community.

The air quality monitoring that is located near the school on Route 1 (County Road) monitors for ozone and PM 2.5. Other meteorological data wil be collected as soon as the met tower is relocated. The data is polled by ME DEP for modeling and forecasting needs.