Constitution Adoption Process

Download the Sipayik Constitution

The tribal historical record is very clear as to when, how and why our tribal constitution was adopted. Tribal members may access the records concerning the tribal constitution from the tribal clerks office.
In 1990 the Pleasant Point community voted on two separate referendum constitution ballot questions. The results of these ballot questions were overwhelming in-favor to adopt the tribal constitution.

June 4, 1990 – after circulating two separate petitions with hundreds of signatures calling on tribal government to put a constitution out to vote to the people, the Joint Tribal Council decided to send a Joint Council constitution out to a special referendum (plebiscite) vote to be held on both reservations (JTC resolution 6-4-90). The JTC said that a simple majority vote in-favor of the constitution would make the constitution “Supreme Law” and would be “final and binding” on the tribe.

July 10, 1990 – Indian Township did not conduct the vote on the JTC constitution. However, Pleasant Point did hold the vote. The July 10, 1990 vote results was as follows:

Pleasant Point
229 votes – in favor
63 votes – against

Indian township
No votes cast

Because Indian Township did not participate in the vote, it was not clear if the JTC version of the constitution could be enforced at Indian Township. However, it was very clear at Pleasant Point that the people expected to have a constitution for our community.

July 20, 1990 – in response to the overwhelming affirmative referendum results the Pleasant Point Tribal Council took assertive action. The Tribal Council decided to hold one more constitution vote at Pleasant Point scheduled for September 4, 1990. This additional vote was for a “Pleasant Point” version of the above JTC constitution. (see PP resolution).

September 4, 1990 – Pleasant Point voted in-favor of the “Pleasant Point” version of the tribal constitution. The referendum vote results was as follows:

 240–in favor


This “Pleasant Point” version is almost an exact copy of the JTC version. The difference between the two is that the Pleasant Point/Sipayik version contains no language regarding Indian Township governance.

Details on the above process are available at the Pleasant Point Tribal Clerks Office.

Tribal Constitution is available on this web site. Copies of the Sipayik Constitution are also available from the tribal clerks office.