Tribal Administration

Chief Pos Bassett

Vice Chief Ernest Neptune

Phone: 207-214-5845.

Council Members:
Ryan Currier (Term exp 9-30-24)
Dylan Francis (Term exp 9-30-24)
Hilda Lewis  (Term exp 9-30-24)
Shirley Mitchell (Term exp 9-30-26)
Cyril Francis (Term exp 9-30-26)
Melissa Francis (Term exp 9-30-26)

Tribal Representative Aaron Dana

Passamaquoddy Tribe @IndianTownship

Article 5 of the Sipayik Tribal Constitution explains the authority of the Pleasant Point Tribal Government.

The Chief (aka Governor), the Vice Chief (aka Lt. Governor) and the Council each have certain limited powers and authorities to administer tribal government within the Pleasant Point Reservation.

Under the constitution the Chief has the principal administrative responsibility for the operations of tribal government, which are to be exercised in accordance with the Constitution and with applicable laws, ordinances and resolutions of the Joint Tribal Council and of the Chief and Council of the Pleasant Point Reservation.

In addition to his/her constitutional responsibilities and duties as the elected Chief, the Chief may also be employed by the tribal council and may have additional duties and responsibilities as the “Chief Administrator” serving as the key administrative officer for the Governor and Council.

Under the constitution the Vice Chief shall have no authority except to act for the Chief as set forth in Article 5 of the Sipayik Constitution. The Vice Chief may have the authority to act if authority is granted by the Joint Tribal Council or the Governor and Council of Pleasant Point, or delegated by the Governor. The Vice Chief shall act in place of the Chief and exercise all powers and responsibilities vested by the constitution in the Chief whenever the Chief is unable to serve due to incapacity or conflict of interest. The Vice Chief may also exercise the powers of Chief when the Chief is absent from the reservation only to the extent authorized by the Chief.

The Vice Chief may also be employed as the “Assistant Chief Administrator” supervised by the Chief Administrator.

The Chief and Council employs a Tribal Manager as a key administrator responsible for the day-to-day management of tribal programs and projects. The Tribal Manager provides policy interpretation and enforcement to protect the tribal resources and to preserve and enhance the integrity of the tribal financial and management systems.

Phone: (207) 853-2600
Fax: (207) 853-6039