Passamaquoddy at Sipayik

Pleasant Point Tribal Government


Peskotom = Pollock

Personnel Department

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The Personnel Department provides the following services to the community:

1. Publicizes all job opportunities of the Passamaquoddy Tribe.

2. Screen all applicants with the Program Director to determine those who meet the requirements.

3. Organize and participate in Selection Committee interviews of all qualified applicants.

4. Notify all applicants of the decision of the selection committee and keep all applicants, resumes and other information concerning the selection on file for at least three years.

5. Properly prepare all Employees forms, i.e. a. Employee Action Notice d. Income Protection b. Insurance Forms Forms c. W-4 Forms e. I-9 Forms

6. Ensure that all new employees are orientated and familiar with the Personnel Policies and all steps of the grievance procedure.

7. Set initial pay rates as part of the selection process and ensure that the rate of pay for all employees fall within the guidelines of the Personnel Policies.

8. Notify Supervisor of employee who’s ninety (90) day evaluation and annual evaluations are due to be completed and assist with any action taken as a result of the evaluation i.e.

9. Implement and maintain all necessary Personnel records and employee personal file:
a. Annual, Personal Leave
b. Sick Leave
c. Selection information
d. Evaluations
e. MMEHT-Workmen Compensations
f. Disciplinary Actions
g. Other Pertinent Documents

10. Ensure that all Policies are followed by the Tribal Administration panel that the salary schedule is administered fairly and equally.

11. Review and recommend on the following Personnel Actions:
a. Raises
b. Grievances
c. Reassignments
d. Disciplinary Actions
e. Dismissals

12. Serve as a member of the employee grievance board for all disputes brought to this level.

13. Investigate and submit to the Tribal arbitrator any qualifying grievances that concern suspension or termination.

14. Assist in developing job descriptions for new positions and revising descriptions on a yearly basis for existing positions.

15. Maintain and update the Personnel Policies manual. Acquire council approval when needed and notify all directors of any changes in the Personnel Policies.

16. Coordinate and implement the OJT, Work experience, Summer Youth Program, and any other programs provided by Tribal Government and Tribal Governors, Inc., to benefit the Passamaquoddy Tribe at Pleasant Point.

17. Place workers in the blueberry fields for cleaning and clearing.

18. Do all work permits for Summer Youth Programs.

19. Serve as the initial contact person for life and health insurance, income protection and ensure that all employee information is up-to-date and properly documented with the insurance company.

20. Maintain a chronological file on the following: Job Announcements, Job Descriptions, Extracts of council minutes pertaining to personnel, and departmental decisions.

21. Record all personnel information and records onto the computer.

22. Collect weekly time cards and sheets, verify and record sick time, personal time, vacation time, comp. time, and overtime.

23. Ensure that time sheets are properly filled out, appropriately signed, and required documentation is attached, notify employee’s supervisor of any necessary changes.

24. Do all background clearance check on employees who will be working with or have contact with children.

25. Maintain confidentiality of all personnel information.