Passamaquoddy at Sipayik

Pleasant Point Tribal Government

Peskotom = Pollock

Passamaquoddy Artists and Crafts People

Drawing by: Tomah Joseph

This page will be made available for any Passamaquoddy Artist or Craftsman to advertise or add a hyperlink. The tribe encourages economic development through the use of the World Wide Web and this site is intended to assist tribal members who may wish to venture into this area. If there are any tribal members who wish to have a link to their web site added to this page or who wish to advertise on this site may contact tribal government.
David Moses Bridges - Bark Canoe Maker
Deborah Gabriel Brooks, Sweetgrass Basketry
Peter Neptune - Basket Maker
Melissa Francis Bassett - poetry
Russell Bassett - poetry
Works of Fine Art

Tomah Joseph standing in a birch bark canoe. A master craftsman, widely known for his bark canoes and other crafts.