Tribal Museum

Waponahki Museum Resource Center
59 Passamaquoddy Road
Pleasant Point, ME 04667
(upstairs from the Sipayik Youth Center)

Phone 853-2600, ext. 227.

Regular Hours of Operation:
1 pm to 4 pm Monday – Thursday and every 2nd Saturday.

Purpose of Program:

To preserve the Passamaquoddy Tribal culture and traditions for the future generations.

The Waponahki Museum now has a team of individuals who are committed to volunteering their time and energy to keep cultural activities alive in our community. We are known as the “Sipayik Cultural Committee”. At this time there are 5 active members;

Brenda Moore-Mitchell
Leon Sockbeson, II
Frances “Gal” Frey
Barbara Dore
Seana Tomah-Tompkins

We have selected specific dates for summer events at the museum. Some are fund-raisers and some are for pure enjoyment. The 2nd Saturday of each month (April-September) we will present series of demonstrations by local Passamaquoddy artisans, traditional dance, native foods, and Passamaquoddy legends or storytelling.

Please visit our site and check back often to check on up-coming events.

Brenda Moore-Mitchell (207)853-2600 x227


Fax at the Tribal Office: (207) 853-6039

The museum has on display Maine Native tools, baskets, beaded artifacts, historic photos, and arts and crafts. Mannequins, whose features are designed from actual Passamaquoddies, are placed in settings depicting the day-to-day lifestyle of yore.

The museum seeks to portray Maine Native People in a positive light.

Photos of Native ancestors who fought in American wars- The Civil War, The Revolutionary War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam and Desert Store – dot the walls.

The museum has undertaken the preservation of the Passamaquoddy language. A written version now exists and the vocabulary continues to grow. The Passamaquoddy Dictionary is being updated. The dictionary is also on line at the Language Portal. The Museum also sells publications and Cassette Tapes in learning the Passamaquoddy language and culture.

Click on the links below to view pictures of past and current tribal members who have laid the ground work for the tribal museum as it is today.

David Francis-Tribal Linguist who created the Passamaquoddy text, numerous books and several dictionaries all in the Passamaquoddy Language.

Alberta Francis – Author and Museum Assstant

Joseph (Cozy) Nicholas – Curator of the Waponahki Museum and Resource Center

Margaret Apt – Language Instructor

Basketry Workshop held 2-23-19